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Dark Territory - The Secret History of Cyber War
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The latest book from Fred Kaplan
New York Times Best-Selling Author
and Pulitzer Prize Finalist

Praise for Dark Territory:

"A book that grips, informs and alarms, finely researched and lucidly related." — John le Carré

“Eye-opening history, not just a page-turner but consistently surprising… The great strengths of Dark Territory are the depth of its reporting and the breadth of its ambition… The author never neglects to tie his compelling descriptions of the personalities and events to their overarching historical implications.”
Jonathan Knee, New York Times

“Troubling but engrossing… assiduously and industriously reported.”
Gordon M. Goldstein, Washington Post

“Kaplan is one of America’s leading writers on national security, and his accounts of cyberattacks are gripping…chilling… assiduously researched — Edward Lucas, Times of London

“Taut, urgent history.” — Nature

“The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Fred Kaplan treats us to a rich, behind-the-headlines history.” Washington Independent Review of Books

“To understand how deeply we have drifted into legally and politically uncharted waters, read Kaplan’s new book, ‘Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War’… Fascinating details.” — George F. Will, Washington Post

“A strong narrative flow…worthy of any spy thriller …impressively detailed…deeply relevant…vital.” — The National (UAE)

“Editors’ Choice” New York Sunday Times Book Review

"A fascinating account of the people and organizations leading the way towards a cyber war future.” Dorothy Denning, author, Information Warfare and Security, and First inductee, National Cyber Security Hall of Fame

Dark Territory is a remarkable piece of reporting. Fred Kaplan has illuminated not merely the profound vulnerabilities of our nation to cyber warfare, but why it has taken so long for our policy-makers to translate indifference into concern and concern into action. This is a vitally important book by a meticulous journalist.” Ted Koppel, author, Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath

“Everyone has heard the term ‘cyber warfare.’ Very few people could explain exactly what it means and why it matters. Dark Territory solves that problem with an account that is both fascinating and authoritative. Fred Kaplan has put the people, the technologies, the dramatic turning points, and the strategic and economic stakes together in a way no author has done before.”
James Fallows, National correspondent, The Atlantic

“An eye-opening account of the dawn of cyber warfare… An important, disturbing, and gripping history arguing convincingly that, as of 2015, no defense exists against a resourceful cyberattack.” Starred review, Kirkus Reviews

"The book opens fast and builds from there, providing insights from research that even professionals directly involved in cyber operations will not have gleaned… You will love this book.” —

“Kaplan seems to have interviewed almost all of the major players and participants in this history, and he has an engaging story to tell… Who met with him, who was appointed to what position, or even (as in the case of [Michael] Hayden and [Keith] Alexander) who may have hated whom all turn out to be quite important in the ongoing development of this contested domain.”
Steve Aftergood, Secrecy News

A “Hot Tech Book of 2016” — Tech Republic

A “Fanfair—Hot Type” Book Pick for March 2016 — Vanity Fair

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